Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Exclusive materials...gorgeous!!!

Exclusive Chiffon with beads

Exclusive chiifon with sequence


Exclusive Chiffon + Net + Sequence
RM 350.00

Exclusive chiffon + Net + Sequence
RM 500.00

Exclusive Blue chiffon + pink beads

Exclusive Opel Punjabi suit + chiffon shawl

Exclusive Chiffon + beads

RM 220.00


Exclusive embroidery + beads
6 metres
RM 300 including postage

Exclusive Punjabi Materials
4 metres + 2 metres shawl

Exclusive Baby Pink with border
6 metres
RM 150.00

Monday, December 7, 2009

TAFIEES HOT PICK!!! limited edition!!

HP 09
Chiffon Material
RM 300 including postage
(Sold to Pn Shikin frm SK Dato Hashim,KB)

HP 08
Chiffon Material
RM 170 including postage

HP 07
Chiffon Opel
RM 370 including postage

HP 06
Chiffon material
RM 120 including postage
HP 01
chiffon material
RM 150.00 including postage

HP 02
Chiffon material
RM 130 including postage
HP 03
Chiffon material
RM 120 including postage

HP 05
Chiffon material with sequence border
RM 180 including postage

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Monsoon Cup Terengganu - Post Mortem

Finally, our exhibition at Terengganu Monsoon Cup 09 officially closed at 7pm on 6th Dec.Lots of memories and bad experiences ...throughout 6 days of exhibition. Having exhibition with Rekakami design from KL, Permata Hijrah from KB, Firefly Malaysia and etc were the most exciting parts. Cool and enjoyable!!!and each of us facing same "PROBLEMS" with crowds from Terengganu.hehehhee
Besides,Tafiees Textiles has received a very good response & feedback from the organizer,media & press. Tafiees has taken a step to promote 1 Malaysia concept thru the business and implemented by a group of young entrepreneurs.
Last but not least, a very big thanx to all the committees of Monsoon Cup Trengganu 09,especially The Terengganu State,Ri-Yaz Heritage Hotel & Spa, Malaysian Travel Business KL,Kak Pah from the Family Homestay & my beloved staffs from Tafiees textiles.

Thank you for your continuous supports towards the succesfull of Tafiees textiles.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tafiees @t Monsoon Cup Terengganu 09

Dear all,
Tafiees now having exhibition (02 - 06 Dec) at Main Arena of Monsoon Cup Terengganu 09...come and grab our latest collection at lowest price...Biggest discount offerred to all guests.

Brand new items for special events

Code : Mumbai 3
Exclusive Crepe ( Grey & Black)
6 Metres
RM180 including postage

Code: Mumbai 2
Crepe Digital Prints Saree
6 metres
RM180 (including postage)

Sold to Pn Norizan (KLIA,Sepang)
Code: Mumbai 1
Exclusive Batik Motive Saree
6.5 metres
RM 250 including postage

Friday, September 11, 2009

Jalpari Collection
RM 250 ( including postage)
Dry clean for the 1st time only,then normal wash.
Suitable for Kurung Pahang or Kebaya.

Korean Silk Saree

( Sold to Datin Fauziyah from Kota Bharu)
length:6 meters
dry clean washing
price:rm250 including postage
suitable for 1 suit of kurung, kebaya and two meter
available for blouse.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Hi semua...jgn segan silu to drop by at our blogspot...
feel free to contact us for assistance...
Kami akan cuba bantu anda untuk membuat pilihan yang tepat untuk berfesyen...
Di Tafiees Textiles kami menawarkan pelbagai pilihan kain2 menarik disamping shawl/selendang yang dapat memenuhi citarasa anda.